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RobinRobin has been a TAMI Speaker for three years.  She likes to share with students the importance of not being defined by peers, mental illness or any disability.  One of Robin's favorite tools from her Mental Health Toolkit is using music to help silence negative thoughts. Robin is passionate about helping others and making individuals feel welcomed into any space.

  • Andrea

    Andrea has been a speaker for TAMI for a year, and has taken the last year off for a maternity
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  • John

    Since 2002, John has delivered a message of hope to more than 15,000 students and professionals, teaching about mental illness
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  • Cynthia


    Cynthia started speaking with TAMI in 2010, and has continued for the last 6 years. She shares with students that
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  • Ivor

    Ivor has been a TAMI speaker since 2002, and it is experience which he cherishes. Ivor hopes to help stomp
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  • Patti


    Patti has been a TAMI Speaker for three years. She feels that the major themes of her story are hope
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  • Robin


    Robin has been a TAMI Speaker for three years. She likes to share with students is the importance of not
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  • Alyshia

    Alyshia has been speaking for TAMI since 2012. She is passionate about dance and has been dancing for 20 years!
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