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  • Andrea

    Andrea has been a speaker for TAMI for a year, and has taken the last year off for a maternity
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  • John

    Since 2002, John has delivered a message of hope to more than 15,000 students and professionals, teaching about mental illness
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  • Cynthia


    Cynthia started speaking with TAMI in 2010, and has continued for the last 6 years. She shares with students that
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  • Ivor

    Ivor has been a TAMI speaker since 2002, and it is experience which he cherishes. Ivor hopes to help stomp
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  • Patti


    Patti has been a TAMI Speaker for three years. She feels that the major themes of her story are hope
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  • Robin


    Robin has been a TAMI Speaker for three years. She likes to share with students is the importance of not
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  • Alyshia

    Alyshia has been speaking for TAMI since 2012. She is passionate about dance and has been dancing for 20 years!
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